April 18, 2024
twitter the great

Twitter The Great

Some might say that the good days of Twitter are through. Once it was one of the leading social media networks on the Internet, but in the past few years, all the hype about Twitter dropped significantly, mirroring the trend of the company’s stock price. Yet amidst the growing cynicism few people realize that Twitter offers a unique bouquet of features no other social network can match, no matter how hard they try.

Access to Celebrities’ Thoughts

A lot of celebrities across the world manage their Twitter accounts on their own, allowing their followers a much closer look into the privacy of their lives and, most importantly, that of their thoughts. Instagram may be the default place for posting pictures, but few expect those to come in hand with deep and meaningful comments. Twitter, on the other hand, is more about thinking and personal opinions that have to be invariably succinct to conform to the famous 140-character limit (which may still be Twitter’s main trump card).

Interestingly, Twitter is growing in popularity among political and religious leaders. Donald Trump, the president of the United States himself, relies on tweeting to engage with his people and communicate his viewpoints that are both professional and personal. Barack Obama also tweeted, although most of the tweets coming from his account were composed by the members of his team.

Fast News is Better News

If you are a news junkie, you already know it: Twitter is the place to find anything you are looking for.

If you want to sign up with a social media network where news breaks in faster than anywhere else, Twitter would be a good option available to consider. That’s the main reason why journalists across the world are active on Twitter. The hashtags on Twitter make it easy for people to track down news information and find the latest updates without going through any hassle.


“Retweet” has helped Twitter to regain its popularity. Twitter was the social media network that introduced hashtags. But now, you can see many other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram using hashtags. However, the hashtag that you can see on those platforms would never be the same as Twitter. Retweet has contributed a lot towards the above-mentioned fact. In addition, the sub-tweet is another unique feature that you can see on Twitter. Sub-tweet is defined as the passive aggression of an individual’s dream. In other words, subtweet can be used to tell someone off without going through a messy confrontation.

Other Social Media Platforms

The other social media platforms have evolved significantly throughout the past few years. For example, if you take Facebook, you will be able to see a huge difference between Facebook in 2007 and Facebook in 2017. It is not the same with Twitter. Even though Twitter has evolved, the developers have taken necessary measures in order to retain the original aspects of the social media platform. The 140 character limit is still there and the user interface has not changed much as well. A lot of people still prefer the simplicity and consistency that is maintained by Twitter. As a result, they tend to use Twitter instead of other social media networks. People who don’t like to adapt according to the change hold a prominent place out of them. We cannot expect any significant changes to take place in the service offered by Twitter. The 140 character limit might improve, but you would love to continue using Twitter because of the other features offered by it.

Social media networks such as Facebook are being used by people in order to connect with their loved ones. However, they don’t tend to use Twitter with the objective of connecting with loved ones. Have you ever seen your sister posting a photo of your new dog on Twitter? That’s why Twitter differentiates itself from other social media networks. People in today’s world have figured out what’s unique about it and how it can be used in their day-to-day lives. As a result, the popularity of Twitter would increase in the future. People have just begun to figure out this uniqueness and we can expect it to develop in the next few years.

What’s unique about Twitter?

Well, Twitter is about connecting with people as well, but you will be able to connect with people that you don’t know well. People use Twitter with the objective of sharing their opinions openly. Even if you insult your best friend or colleague on Twitter, it would not create any major impact because of the 140-word limit. Therefore, users feel less responsible when they are using Twitter. Posts that are being uploaded on Twitter, which are called Tweets flick away within a short period of time. Therefore, letting things go has become much convenient with Twitter.

As you can see, Twitter offers something unique to people. Even though Facebook has a large number of users, there is no competition between Twitter and Facebook because they offer two different types of services, which are related to social media. If you want to connect with your friends or family members, Facebook is the social media platform to select.

However, Twitter can be used for all your less responsible and low-priority contacts. No other major social media network is in a position to provide that benefit for the users. Therefore, we can assume that the bad days of Twitter have now come to an end. We can expect it to regain lost fame among top social media networks in the future.

February 2017