April 18, 2024
Brands using Tik Tok

Brands That Are Using TikTok Effectively

Everyone knows that TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps today, but not all businesses understand how to use it for marketing their brands.

Companies that recently joined TikTok are reaching thousands of followers at an incredible rate, but who are they, and how are they doing it?

Here are six examples of brands that demonstrate they know how to use TikTok effectively and capture the attention of their target demographics.


With over twenty million followers, Netflix knows what it’s doing. The streaming giant utilizes the platform to show behind-the-scenes videos from their shows, allowing fans to enjoy extra content from their favorites. Netflix also mixes clips and scenes from their most popular shows to create relatable and humorous videos.

They post content regularly, which is crucial to getting more views and engagement as TikTok is predicted to dominate social media in the next year.


Another company that posts regularly is Chiptole. They had their #Boorito campaign over Halloween that promoted a chance to win free Chipotle for a year for six lucky people that made a video showcasing their Halloween costumes over the years. Nostalgia is always a win, and encouraging people to find pictures of their costumes as kids means they’ll work up an appetite searching for them. Who doesn’t want free food or the chance to show off their creative side?

Elf Cosmetics

Eyes. Lips. Face. released a song titled just that, specifically commissioned for their TikTok campaign. Working with influencers using the hashtag #eyeslipsface, Elf Cosmetics got a trend going by investing in their audience, resulting in millions of videos showing off their best looks using the hashtag.

The company also has a link in their bio to their website, making it easy to shop for the products featured in their videos.


One company that has mastered engagement is Fortnite. Whether or not you play the game, you’ve seen the dances, or at least heard of them. That’s because Fortnite launched a campaign where they offered to recreate dances in-game as emotes for players to use! This sparked users to go out and create their own moves for the chance of having their own place in a video game.

They post content regularly, sharing new skins and Fortnite memes for their followers to enjoy.

National Geographic

National Geographic offers glimpses into life across the world by sharing facts and videos. They make sure to tag their location when they post, so viewers can know exactly where the NatGeo team is coming from.

They post fairly regularly with engaging content that educates their following about preserving our world and the animals that live in it.


Fitness isn’t just a trend; it’s a part of a popular lifestyle, which is why GymShark has millions of people following them on TikTok. Other fitness accounts focus on promoting memberships or proper techniques, but this British fitness apparel brand took a different approach and instead posts a combination of workout videos and workout memes to keep things interesting. Rather than trying to sell to you, they approach content with genuine care for their followers. People feel like they’re encouraging you to pursue their best self every time GymShark posts.


One of the biggest takeaways from these companies is consistency. Posting regularly helps them get noticed and increase their following.

They don’t stress about coming across as overly-professional by maintaining an air of humor and friendliness towards consumers. Creating challenges or hosting giveaways also generates buzz and boosts engagement.

By using these strategies, and a bit of creativity, these companies demonstrated that TikTok isn’t just entertaining; it’s ideal for marketing.