July 22, 2024

The Poetry of Twitter

When Twitter was invented, it’s key objective was to deliver pithy messages that would nail the point in no more than 140 characters. We can speculate as to whether it was part of the creators’ idea, but it’s hard to disagree that, as such, Twitter’s fundamental principle mirrors that of poetry. While prose has the luxury of spending pages talking about something without getting to the crux of it (ever read “War and Peace”?), poetry’s essence is to paint a comprehensive picture worth a thousand of words in a single line.

Having realized this striking similarity, we dedicated this website to the Poetry of Twitter. While we discuss many elements idiosyncratic to the platform (we even have a whole category on Twitter Followers), the main goal is to capture the unmistakable poetic euphony ringing in the best tweets whose authors, being fully cognizant or completely unaware of it, transcended the boundary between the mundane and the sublime and turned, even if for a moment, into true poets.

Love Poems

Love Is Poetry: Rhyming Poems About Love Life by Danil Rudoy


It would be remiss not to start the journey with love poetry, that universal haven where the tenderest of all feelings finds solace and joy. Luckily, there is a whole book by a big fan of Twitter that can be broken down line by line and committed to a series of viral tweets. Love Is Poetry: Rhyming Poems About Love Life by Danil Rudoy is a new collection of love poems you better check out because if you don’t you’re going to miss a chance to understand what love is.

We’ll tell you no more, saving the secrets for you to unravel, and if you dare to go beyond the conventional and insipid poems about love that don’t rhyme you can take a look at the book’s free sample on amazom.com. And don’t forget to let us know how it went and what you learned about love, poetry and yourself!

Poetry Websites

The proliferation of poetry websites on the Internet is second only to the number of poems published on them daily. While we are sure that poetry fans have their favorite blogs where they get inspiration, here are some lesser-known resources that are worth checking out still.

Modern Poetry

Hosted on www.shampoetry.com, this website of modern poetry offers a wide range of contemporary poetry types along with the authors, most of whom continue their creative careers and search for true poetic revelations. If you prefer rhyming poetry, however, you may want to check out other places.

New Russian Literature

In case you thought Russian literature was no longer there, NovRusLit.com may have a surprise or two in stock for you. The website boasts a wide range of academic articles on just about every important literary topic and feature and has a whole section dedicated to love poetry by the best Russian poets.

Romantic Poems

Speaking of love, romanticpoems.com is happy to welcome connoisseurs of love poetry looking for new poems to share with their beloved. We like this website for its sleek design (a definite improvement over what it used to look like in the past) which neatly resonates with the tender contents.



The Sound of Poetry

For those who didn’t catch it on the first try, poetrypoetry.com is ready to repeat the key word again. This poetry website is different from many others as it offers recordings of poetry recitals, allowing poems to go beyond the page they are written on and speak to the audience in the true sense of the word.


Russian Poetry

If you are both fluent in the Russian language and appreciate true poetry, this website will take you on a one-of-a-kind journey to a contemporary land that rises up to the levels set by the classical poets you love so much that you wished they were still alive and creatively active today.


Prose & Poetry

An elegant bridge between the two fundamental types of literature, prose-n-poetry.com hosts literally thousands of poems, essays, and short stories. This poetry website is so large it could take you years to read, but if you follow your heart you’re undoubtedly going to encounter treasures.

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