May 26, 2024
why twitter is better than facebook

Why Twitter is Better than Facebook

The social media giants are Twitter and Facebook. And the debate is: why Twitter is better than Facebook. Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service. It is a for-profit corporation owned by the famous Mark Zuckerberg. The service can be used by large range of desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers. Facebook is a free social networking website that allows everyone to register and create profiles, upload images, videos, send messages and stay connected. Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with their friends and family all the time. It helps you share and express what matters to you most. Also Facebook is a platform for marketing your business through Facebook pages and Facebook ads. Of course the ads are paid.

The other giant is Twitter, which is an online news, and social networking service where users interact through messages called “tweets” which are restricted to 140 characters only. Only registered users can post tweets and unregistered can just read them. Twitter’s mission statement is something that really matters to the world. It says “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without any barriers”. In the Harvard Business Review, they have explained why Twitter’s mission statement really matters. The review says that Twitter’s mission statement has a great core value and purpose. Collin and Porras define the statement as “ the organizations reason for being”. Today, Twitter is becoming a big challenge for Facebook.

Twitter focuses on keywords you post and your conversation will have a wider audience. On Facebook, your status will only be viewed to people on your account. Twitter makes you feel globally connected while Facebook is limited to only your friend list. Twitter allows you to send direct private messages to anyone. Does Facebook let you do that? No! Suppose you have a friend whose mobile number is not with you and you know their Twitter account, you need to convey an important message, Twitter will save your day. You can send a direct private message to your friend and he will receive a notification instantly. While on Facebook, if you are not on their friend list, you’ll have to wait for your friend to accept it. Other than that, if you send your friend a message on the Facebook messenger in the same case, the receiver will not be notified and your message will go in a pending request list. So now you know who is the lifesaver here.