April 18, 2024
Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County Discusses the Recent Highlights of The Buffalo Bills Football Mock Draft

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County is a sports enthusiast and commentator for several online publications. In the following article, Jeffrey Rusert discusses the Buffalo Bills mock draft, a fan favorite, and provides some insight into the new talent headed to the gridiron.

Mock draft season is very popular on the NFL calendar. Every team needs something a little different, and every draft prospect offers something unique. Who are the newest Buffalo Bills new picks?

Some of the latest picks for the team include Brian Branch, Jack Campbell, Drew Sanders, Trenton Simpson, Cody Mauch, Cam Smith, and Jordan Addison.

Below, Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County reviews a snapshot of each player’s strengths and highlights to see why they’ve been selected above all the rest.

Brian Branch

Brian Branch is a defensive back for Alabama. He’s played a number of versatile positions effectively including as a blitzing linebacker, a free and box safety, and a slot corner. His football IQ is excellent, allowing him to quickly communicate before the snap and accurately read the situation post-snap to make effective decisions reports Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County.

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell is expected to make a great starting inside or middle linebacker. His athleticism is surprising given his bulky size (6’5″, 240+ lbs), but his feet move fast and he plays an intelligent game. He’s big enough to block and stand his ground, and he has a knack for spilling the action wide.

Drew Sanders

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County reports that Drew Sanders is known (affectionately) as a one-man wrecking crew on the field. He’s a former 5-star transfer from Alabama who’s also played as an edge rusher as well as many defense positions for Arkansas. This versatile player stood out most when playing for the Razorbacks, earning multiple accreditations as the nation’s top linebacker with 103 tackles and 3 forced fumbles, and that’s just the start.

Sanders is explosive, fluid, and quick, enabling him to perform as a stack backer that can fill gaps, play as a physical tackler against the run, and line up on the edge as an extra pass rusher.

Trenton Simpson

Trenton Simpson would make a great replacement for Tremaine Edmunds. He is a three-down linebacker with the smooth hips and range of coverage that teams need. He’s a really strong blitzer and performs well in the pass game. Simpson has a fast 40-yard dash (4.43 seconds), giving him the speed to do well as a middle linebacker for the Bulls.

Cody Mauch

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County says that Cody Mauch is a versatile player with a career history of playing left tackle, inside guard, and more. He broke two school records for career touchdowns and sacks. He plays with the desired toughness for the role (and looks the part with his two missing front teeth).

Mauch is an above-average finisher as a run blocker and has good recovery in space. He’s a well-rounded player for the O-line.

Cam Smith

Cam Smith is a long outside cornerback. He displays excellent skill with 1st-round talent at cornerback with his forced incompletion ranking second-highest at 26.5%. Smith has excellent route navigation with superb timing and length. He has a tendency to grab receivers as his footwork isn’t quite speedy enough, but he is greatly suited for off-man and zone coverages according to Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County.

Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County
Jordan Addison

Jordan Addison is one of the most versatile players thanks to his speed, agility, and football IQ. He can confidently play anywhere on the field, but excels when it comes to running features. Addison has excellent acceleration with early drive burst, dynamic steering and incredible athleticism, and laser-sharp turns at a moment’s notice reports Jeffrey Rusert of Jefferson County.

He’s got good foot agility and sink when getting in and out of breaks, is a slippery fox after the catch, and can run complex routes with precision and effectiveness.

Wrapping Up

The Buffalo Bills have several areas where fresh players can replace or perhaps upgrade positions of those who have moved on. Most of the newcomers listed above are great picks for the Bills’ biggest needs: cornerback, edge rusher, and offensive line. With the players chosen in this mock draft, the team adds depth and talent to their roster.

Though it remains to be seen how the 2023 draft will go, we can be sure each of these players stands a high chance of getting chosen to play for the Buffalo Bills and make a big name for themselves in the NFL.