May 26, 2024
Social Media Advertising

What’s New in Social Media Advertising for Businesses

Anyone who owns their own business knows that successfully leveraging social media is essential for a profitable business. It’s also vital to remain up to date on recent social media advertising news to stay on top of current trends or products.

Keep reading below for some recent news in the social media advertising world.

Facebook Launches New AI Designed to Guide and Predict Future Process Steps

A new machine learning process designed by Facebook called Anticipate Video Transformer is in the works. Based on visual interpretation, it will be able to forecast future actions. This is all part of Facebook’s ongoing AR wearables development.

A Facebook representative explained this AI software by saying it’s similar to how our brains warn us the pan we are about to touch is hot, based on previous interactions with that pan.

In technical terms, AVT will notify someone who may be about to make a mistake. The technology will do this through “helpful prompts.”

Twitter Launches Program “Spark” for Audio Creators

Still in the beginning stages, Twitter is attempting to activate new star creators through its Spaces live audio product. The Spaces tab has been expanded, and their broadcast discovery has been taken to a new level.

As of October 12, they have initiated a support initiative aimed at audio talents. In the subsequent Twitter feed, they go on to explain that any host that is selected will receive support in the form of money, exposure, and opportunities for audience growth.

Facebook Seeks to Explain Their Improved Policy Regulations by Launching Video Series

Facebook recently launched a series of video ads. The series aims to highlight the people behind their products while also calling for increased government regulation of the tech sector.

These ads are all about striking a balance between content moderation and freedom of expression, something Facebook has seen criticism for in the past.

A representative from Facebook supported this measure by adding that determining moderation boundaries is complex. The call for government action is because the company believes a private corporation, such as itself, should not dictate those boundaries.

TikTok Launches a Slew of Creative Tools to Strengthen Creator and Brand Collaborations

TikTok has launched an impressive collection of new tools designed to provide creator solutions and elevated brand collaborations on the platform. The company has framed this initiative as an excellent way for businesses to gain expertise and knowledge from creators on the platform.

TikTok Creator Marketplace is one such tool, described as an end-to-end, self-serve portal that enables brands to easily find creators they can work with. In addition, they will also be able to promote branded content through targeted ads, receive detailed insights on data, and manage collaborations.

Open application campaigns are designed so brands can list upcoming campaigns on which they wish to collaborate. From there, creators who are interested in these campaigns can apply for the collaboration.

This application will also allow brands to see the metrics associated with any creators who apply. This update makes it so brands can vet reference videos or relevant metrics.

Acknowledging the importance of transparency in branded content campaigns, TikTok is also introducing the Branded Content Toggle. This is an in-app tool that enables content creators to identify videos as part of a partnership or brand collaboration.

TikTok Creative Exchange is described as a self-serve portal that can match business owners with creative service providers who have been thoroughly vetted. These providers help produce high-performing ads that are designed to fit in with our objectives. This portal allows users to manage projects, insights, approvals, and feedback.

Spark Ads is designed to allow a brand to reach as many consumers as possible on TikTok. This tool boosts organic content in a user’s feed by transforming it into an ad. This ad can come directly from a brand’s business account or a creator. When tested, this tool produced an impressive 142% higher engagement rate than traditional in-feed ads.

Snapchat Shares Decline

On October 21, Snapchat executives claimed that supply-chain bottlenecks are resulting in companies holding back from traditional online holiday season ad spending. Sales are estimated to increase by about 30%, compared to the previous industry estimates of 50%. As a result, Snapchat stock plummeted in what is being described as its most significant decline ever.

Twitter and Facebook also saw drops in shares after the Snapchat announcement. This pattern seems to be reflecting concerns that marketing budgets will be redirected from social media.

While allocating advertising funds to companies like TikTok or Instagram doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon, this pattern still causes concern that the global supply chain crisis will force companies to revisit their ad strategies.

Instagram Updates

Instagram Updates Insight Element

Instagram is planning updates for its Insights element for both creator and business profiles to provide marketers with more data. The change will provide marketers with better customer data. Specifically, the development will provide detailed insight regarding user engagement, such as if interacting users follow the business profile or not.

Ideally, providing users with this new and improved data will allow companies to make better posting decisions and offer better opportunities for an optimized marketing approach.

The Reached Audience metric will provide demographic information for users that discovered business accounts through marketing posts. This data includes gender, age range, top countries, and top cities.

Similar to the Reached Audience metric, the Engaged Audience metric will provide the same data on users engaging with specific content. This data includes everything that reached audience metric does, but with the addition of knowing if these users are following business profiles or not.

The total number of users that have interacted with certain content will also be provided. Combined, these measures will ideally give a much more comprehensive view of who companies are reaching with their marketing efforts and how they are explicitly engaging with that content.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

The landscape of social media advertising is rapidly developing. To stay in the know, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our latest news stories.