April 18, 2024
Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield New Jersey

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey Exploring the Area’s Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey is a lifelong resident of the area, as well as a contributor to various online publications for news and current events in Bergenfield. In the following article, Scott Lieberman takes a look at the local arts and culture scene, exploring the rich dynamics and immersive experiences throughout Bergenfield.

The New Jersey suburb of Bergen County has become a hive of artistic expression and cultural activity in recent years. From tranquil art galleries to energetic music festivals, Bergenfield’s cultural renaissance is well underway.

From museums and theaters to dance studios and music venues, Bergenfield has many spaces for residents and visitors alike to enjoy or participate in arts and cultural activities. To top it off, Bergenfield’s town calendar is perpetually filled with events like art fairs, live music events, and food festivals.

Below, Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey takes a look at what Bergenfield, New Jersey has to offer for anyone interested in arts and culture.

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey Visits the Bergenfield Museum

The Bergenfield Museum plays an integral role in telling the town’s history, along with acting as custodian for the work of local artists in the past and present. It’s located at picturesque Cooper’s Pond, another beautiful Bergenfield destination.

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey explains that, during the winter holidays, it serves as a particularly popular place where art shows, tea parties, and children’s events are hosted to entice the whole family to visit. Of course, it also tells the story of how the town came to be, setting it in the larger picture of a borough built outside of New York City in the late 1800s.

Cultural Events in One of America’s Safest Cities

Not only is there plenty to do in Bergenfield, but the town has also been named among the safest in all of America (and the second-best place in New Jersey to raise kids!). It’s no wonder that families flock to this borough to partake in events like the Annual Summer Concert Series, which features multiple community dance parties!

Speaking of dancing, Bergenfield has a specialty dance studio for everyone. Nunnbetter Dance Studio, for example, offers beginner and advanced children’s ballet classes, a pre-professional company, and beginner and “advanced beginner” adult ballet classes. For those who simply want to watch, they offer a spring concert and an annual performance of The Nutcracker.

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey asks, up for something more contemporary? Then Bergenfield’s Latin Dance House offers a variety of options, from hip hop to salsa for kids, teens, and adults. For something in between, Spencer Nyemchek offers professional ballroom dance lessons.

And for those who want to try their hand at creating visual art, Brushes & Berries Painting & Crafting Studio offers painting classes year-round.

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield New Jersey
Bergenfield’s Musical Past

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey says that it’s no surprise that this town is still a hot spot for music lovers. Prestige Records, a major jazz recording label, moved to the borough from NYC in the 1960s. Today, there are instrumental lessons provided to aspiring musicians. The town’s commitment to education, especially in the arts and music, is reflected in its public schools – yet another investment in the borough’s cultural renaissance.

For the adults, Tommy Fox’s Public House keeps the glasses of Irish beer clanging while serving up live music (and trivia) on most nights.

A Lively Public Library

These days, libraries have become hubs of cultural activity alongside their focus on books, and the Bergenfield Public Library is no exception. From summer reading groups to magic shows to foreign language classes, residents of any age are sure to be entertained here.

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey explains that the summer youth programs, movie nights, craft classes, and other family events give everyone an opportunity to use the facility for arts and entertainment. Locals can even exhibit their artwork at the venue, meaning it serves as a mini art gallery as well!

Diversity Expands Cultural Offerings

Bergenfield’s cultural opportunities are greatly enriched by its diverse population, which includes Hispanic, Filipino, and Orthodox Jewish residents. This diversity is also evident in the borough’s food, shops, and events.

Housing affordability, especially in comparison to other parts of New Jersey, is another reason this area has been drawing families and individuals with an interest in arts and culture, especially because it’s all just a short commute from the cultural hub of New York City.


Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, New Jersey says that since its inception in the late 19th century, Bergenfield, New Jersey has prided itself on being a place for residents to pursue arts and culture. The borough’s museum is the central attraction, but a host of theaters, dance studios, community parks, and live music venues are more than enough to provide year-round entertainment.