June 20, 2024
Ari Sorkin

Ari Sorkin Discusses Vinyl Wraps vs Paint – A Comparison for Vehicle Customization

Ari Sorkin is the owner of Tap Design Group, a printing service facility with expertise in vehicle wraps, wall wraps, and business signage. In the following article, Ari Sorkin provides a comparison of vehicle paint and wraps for customization, detailing the benefits of each.

Before the 1950s, car enthusiasts had one vehicle customization option — paint. Since then, wraps came into the picture, delighting the businesses and driving fans alike. Of course, they used to be so expensive only the elite were able to afford them. But with the lowered costs, almost anybody can take a slice of the wrapping pie.

That said, many go back and forth between acquiring a new paint job and a vinyl wrap. While both offer a fresh look, it’s the level of customization desired, cost, and maintenance needs that often to confirm the perfect option.

Ari Sorkin Says Vinyl Wraps are Quick, Easy, and Personal

Vinyl wraps stand out on the road. They’re the application that makes eye-catching hood graphics and beautifully luminous colors possible.

Ari Sorkin explains that if advertising is the driving force behind the wrap-versus-paint conundrum, vinyls win every time. They’re more cost-effective and boast unlimited design/finish options.

In fact, vinyl wraps are slowly becoming the preferred customization method among private vehicle owners. From solid colors to simple schemes to roof graphics, enthusiasts seem to love them.

Rapid Application

Ari Sorkin says that typically, garages keep vehicles for three days (maximum) when wrapping. It takes hardly any time at all, thanks to the elimination of drying times and multiple coats.

Paint jobs take around one to three weeks due to the extra steps involved with the process, such as:

  • Removing the old paint
  • Numerous coats
  • Allowing eight hours between every coat so it can dry

That said, not all vehicles are suitable for wrapping. The paint must be in good condition — any rough spots will prevent proper vinyl adhesion.

Straightforward Removal

Ari Sorkin notes that when wraps were first created, the likelihood of damaging the paint upon removal was extremely high. However, modern-day applications are taken off without impacting the paint underneath.

Since vinyls can be so customized, straightforward removal ensures enthusiasts can sell their car with ease down the line. Remaining personalizations often put potential buyers off.

Limitless Designs

Ari Sorkin says that the flexibility is astonishing. Both car lovers and businesses can achieve whatever look they desire with ease — expansive graphics, character art, lettering, oil-slick, multiple colors, patterns, and more.

Experienced professionals apply vinyl wraps with the right equipment and knowledge to ensure a seamless finish. Regardless of the design chosen, it’s almost guaranteed to have the desired effect.

Less Expensive

Painting’s lengthy process and ample product needed often make it far more expensive than a vinyl wrap. Although, that may depend on the individual auto shop.

Ari Sorkin says that generally speaking, paint jobs cost an average of $3,000 to $5,000, with metallic paints on high-end sports cars running around the $60,000 — not so bank account friendly.

Wraps, however, unlock any look (including metallic effects) for around $2,500 to $5,000.

Easy Maintenance, Durable Results

Even with UV protection, wraps are more susceptible to sun damage than paint. However, the maintenance across the board is easier — skipping washes isn’t such a big deal.

Provided the cleaning agents used are gentle and soft cloths are used, maintaining vinyl vehicle wraps is a dream.

Ari Sorkin

Paint: Classic, Simple, and Long-Lasting

Paint is the old-school method of restoration and color changes. With lots of steps and lengthy drying times, it’s not such a fan favorite today. However, it still has its benefits.

Retains a Classic Look

Ari Sorkin explains that owners of classic vehicles shouldn’t opt for vinyl wraps. They’ll only devalue the car. Thus, paint jobs are the hero of the collector world, allowing people to maintain authenticity.

Lasts a Lifetime (With Continuous Maintenance)

Paint isn’t as vulnerable to UV rays. However, it still requires regular, thorough washing and protective waxes to avoid wearing out. It’s notorious for absorbing micro particles and other pollutants, breaking it down over time and ruining the overall look.

Available for All Vehicles

Ari Sorkin says that before any paint job, the old coats are removed. This creates the perfect surface, meaning the vehicle doesn’t need to be in good condition initially, benefitting some car owners.

Complete Customization or Classic Chassis

Ari Sorkin also notes that while every vehicle owner is different, wraps tend to win over paint for their easy maintenance, limitless design options, and cost-effectiveness. As long as a professional makes and applies them, businesses and enthusiasts are in good hands.