April 18, 2024
Nathan Washam

Nathan Washam on Selling Software Solutions in a Rapidly Evolving Industry

Nathan Washam of the Bay Area works in software sales. In the following article, Nathan Washam explains the evolving landscape of software sales in a fast-paced tech heavy world.

Imagine how difficult it would have been to live through the COVID-19 pandemic without Zoom.

Picture a career without Google Workspace – or a business without WordPress.

Anyone who relies on the computer for work, school, or entertainment can expect that more software solutions will emerge – there are most likely hundreds already in the making.

However, most software solutions professionals find it challenging to sell them.

Below, Nathan Washam explains the reasons why.

Nathan Washam Discusses Solving Problems in the Modern Business Environment

Using software solutions is beneficial to companies. For instance, they can automate processes (such as calculating payrolls and updating product inventories). But software solutions do these efficiently and accurately.

However, despite its advantages, many software solution professionals still cannot penetrate the market which they’re targeting their platforms for.

One of the reasons is due to competitors.

Software Sales Are Competitive

Nathan Washam of the Bay Area says that most companies want custom software for their business. In a report by Grand View Research, the global custom software market was valued at $29.29 billion in 2022. But this year (until 2030), the compound annual growth rate is estimated to increase to 22.4%.

Because of this demand, other software developers are trying to get ahead of the game by making software solutions for companies. With this, however, comes more competition for other professionals in the field.

Moreover, even if software developers create a unique and better platform, they still need representatives to find clients who will avail of it.

It Can Be Difficult to Find Leads

Difficulty in finding leads is a challenge that most software solutions representatives face. For one, finding clients means exhausting all resources to come up with a list of potential clients.

Second, the potential clients must be contacted – via email, phone call, or text message.

Nathan Washam of the Bay Area explains that once the clients respond, the representative must set up a meeting to explain their product.

Sounds promising?

Unfortunately, in some cases, the client would turn down the offer – they’re either uninterested or not ready to switch or upgrade software solutions.

Not Everyone Is Ready for a Change

Technology is rapidly evolving. A decade ago, if a business owner wanted a website, they’d have to hire a programmer to create one for them – and a programmer would type in various codes for that.

These days, anyone can register on WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace – with little to no programming knowledge.

Nathan Washam says that furthermore, just a few years back, digital illustrators and content writers would craft their work from scratch – but since AI has grown in popularity, some businesses rely on it to boost their online visibility.

That said, even if a business owner is already using software, they might not be ready to upgrade to a newer and unfamiliar one.
However, these challenges shouldn’t deter anyone from starting a career as a software solutions professional – as there are many advantages to being one.

Nathan Washam
Advantages of Being a Software Solutions Professional

Nathan Washam of the Bay Area takes a look at some benefits of being a software solution professional – and why many choose to work in this field.

Software Sales Provide Career Stability

Financial security is one of the main benefits of being in the software solutions field. The average annual salary of a software sales representative is $82,000.

In addition, the U.S. News and World Report stated in their article that software developers earn an average of $120,000 annually.

But besides the financial perks, software solutions professionals also get to navigate the tech world’s future before others can.

It Gives Professionals a First Glimpse of the Latest Technology

Software solutions professionals frequently discuss their ideas with like-minded people. During conferences and events, they often talk about the latest technologies and developments, as well as improvements for the current ones.

To software solutions representatives, learning about these developments in these events can give them a headstart on how or where to sell the platforms. Furthermore, they can also meet the developers to learn about the technological advancements firsthand.

To find out which sales conferences will take place this year, check out this website.

But choosing to be a software solutions professional means there’s also room for leisure time.

Other Benefits and Perks

Nathan Washam of the Bay Area says that software solutions professionals not only earn from salary, but they also earn from commissions.

Moreover, some instances require software solutions representatives to travel, as many business owners (who are interested in the platform they’re selling) live or work in different cities or countries.

Furthermore, their schedules are often flexible. And software developers, too, can work at their preferred time – most of them can also work from home.


Selling the latest software solutions is sometimes challenging – as clients can be difficult to find. Even if one finds them, they’re sometimes uninterested in the software. However, more businesses are anticipated to use software solutions for their growth.

Nathan Washam notes that they expect software solutions professionals to walk them through the future of their business success – with the help of the platforms.