February 26, 2024

Samantha Foss Discusses the Latest in Virtual Reality Technology

Samantha Foss is an entrepreneur in the tech industry. In the following article, Samantha Foss discusses the latest in virtual reality, and how VR is not just for video games anymore.

There are truly no limits in the world of virtual and augmented reality, including virtual charter schools, which is why the rate of advancements being made is not only incredibly vast, but incredibly impressive. Though most people think of virtual reality in relation to video games, the technology has grown to allow users to interact with movies, and even apps, in a brand-new way.

Samantha Foss explains that learning about the world of VR means getting news updates about technological progress on what feels like a daily basis. As of now, virtual reality technology is looks like:

PSVR Re-imagined

Since the release of the premiere PSVR, PlayStation has been hard at work looking for ways to improve its virtual reality headset. Now, shortly before the release of the PSVR 2, the public has finally got a peek at what these advancements are.

Samantha Foss reports that it’s been 7 years since the first headset was released, and the changes made will make a significant difference in user gameplay and world of augmented reality in general.

One of the biggest changes is the pixel resolution. The PSVR 2 boasts 4 times the pixel count of its predecessor- meaning that the images seen will be sharper and clearer than before, which will make a substantial difference in user enjoyment.

Samantha Foss says that other major changes include Fresnel Lenses, which seem to be the standard in VR, as they reduce glare and create that “immersive” feel. Users will also notice cleaner and smoother tracking via camera, as the PSVR 2 now includes camera tech that was made for harmony with VR.

‘Squid Game’ Multiplayer VR

Samantha Foss reports that the world was absolutely overtaken by love for the Netflix original series Squid Game, which involves a dystopic obstacle game with a bloody twist. It once held the title of the most-watched series on the streaming platform, so it’s no surprise that the VR world wants to let users experience it first-hand (without the life-or-death circumstances, of course).

Netflix has partnered with Sandbox VR to create a VR game that allows fans of the shows to compete in the same games they watched on TV. They’ll also be able to compete against friends for title of “winner”.

Samantha Foss says that Sandbox VR is known for its uber-immersive gameplay, allowing 6 users to roam a VR room with goggles and meticulously formed props to make the game even more true to life.

Samsung Partnership with Google

Though most often associated with Meta and Facebook, Samsung was also one of the tech companies that dove into VR headfirst reports Samantha Foss. At their 2023 Unpacked Event, the South-Korean based tech giant announced its partnership with Google and Qualcomm to release a new XR device.

They didn’t delve into exactly what this XR device will entail, but considering that “XR” is a overarching term for a device that handles VR, AR (augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality)- Samantha Foss reports that we can only assume that this is going to be a major revolution in the world of tech.

It’s likely that this technology will have a concrete release date revealed later this year, though fans shouldn’t be hopeful for a release in 2023 considering there’s no hint of any hardware being in the works.

VR Education Startup

To be in the world of education during these advancements in VR means seeing this tech enter the classroom! Samantha Foss says that Virtual Reality learning is becoming a new norm in our schools and supporters of the idea are excited for what this may entail.

It looks as though these VR situations will involve creating engaging and student-friendly environments to enter and work through real world scenarios. This will be especially helpful for those working with subjects like physics, engineering, and design where it could be beneficial to see items in a way not possible in the real-world reports Samantha Foss.

The biggest concern with this entering elementary and middle schools is cost- considering this tech is still in its beginning stages. There are questions of using lower-cost headsets in schools, though that raises concerns about quality.

Meta’s Social VR App

Samantha Foss says that it looks as though Horizon Worlds, Meta’s VR platform, is about to hit web and mobile devices soon.

As of now, the platform has only been available to a small number of users. To open up the world to more users through a number of devices means that there is going to be a huge boom in accessibility, which means that Horizon Worlds will be competing amongst other games like Roblox and the like.

Meta assures that with this new influx of users, there will be heightened security protocols and strict conduct rules in place to ensure the safety of its users.