May 26, 2024
Metah Marketing Philanthropy

Mehta Marketing Discusses The Importance of Philanthropy

At Mehta Marketing, we strongly believe in supporting our local community through various initiatives. One of the most meaningful ways to contribute is by volunteering our time. We prioritize Mehta marketing philanthropy and dedicate resources toward it. Remember, time is the most precious gift you can give. Our company was fortunate to visit our local World Vision Center recently.

We had the honor of spending some time with the remarkable organization, World Vision. Here’s a little backstory on the company: Robert Pierce founded and created World Vision with just five dollars in his pocket. In 1950, he started working on creating an organization that aimed to assist children worldwide. This led to the establishment of World Vision. The first child sponsorship program began three years later in response to the needs of hundreds of thousands of orphans at the end of the Korean War.

During the course of several decades, they expanded their work across various regions including Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

In the 1970s, The organization adopted a community development approach and created an emergency relief division. Additionally, they sought to tackle the root causes of poverty by addressing community needs such as water, sanitation, education, health, leadership training, and income generation.

At the start of the 21st century, they focused on enhancing their advocacy efforts, particularly on issues related to child survival. They became more active in working with governments, businesses, and other organizations in addressing issues such as child labor, children in armed conflict, and the sexual exploitation of women and children.

Today World Vision, together with microfinance subsidiary VisionFund International, is one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations. Approximately 37,000 staff members (including part-time and temporary staff and employees of microfinance institutions) implement programs of community development, emergency relief, and promotion of justice in nearly 100 countries.

Mehta Marketing philanthropy group was impressed with the positive impact this organization can have on children worldwide and in our local community. During our brief time with the organization, we successfully sorted 5 full pallets of clothing and provided assistance to approximately 3,000 people in need. We appreciate organizations like this one and are thrilled to have established a connection with their admirable mission. We are eager to continue devoting our time to organizations like these, which can give back to the community.