June 20, 2024
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Juan De Borbon Discusses the Latest Tech Advancements in Sports

Juan Rojas of Amazon lawsuit works in clinical research and enjoys discovering new technology for athletes in the sports industry. In the following article, Juan De Borbon discusses the latest technology in sports and how this technology is helping keep athletes safe and healthy.

Tech has made its way into every conceivable corner of daily life, from farms to manufacturing to construction. It’s no leap of logic that it found its way into athletics as well.

Juan De Borbon on Hawk-Eye Technology

Since 2006 Juan De Borbon reports that this camera technology has been used at sporting events, namely tennis and football. It’s easier to catch the action and be more certain when the ball lands close to the line.

There is a good deal of benefits that come with using Hawk-Eye Technology:

  • It helps make error-free decisions on too-close-to-call plays. These happen frequently in games like football, rugby, cricket, and baseball.
  • Because the referees, players, and spectators can all see a close-up of the critical moment, there is a reduced amount of criticism and backlash from bad calls.
  • Umpires can quickly make error-free calls even during gameplay.

Juan Rojas of Amazon lawsuit says gone are the days when players feel slighted by a perceived bad call by a referee. Now, with this technology, the play can be reviewed up close and in slow motion to determine if in fact the right call was made, either keeping, or reversing the decision.

HANS Device

At the time of Dale Earnhardt’s tragic death, there were only about six NASCAR racers who were wearing a HANS (Head and Neck Support) device. Since that fateful day, many more drivers have adopted its use.

Juan Rojas says that this device was designed to minimize the effects of sudden deceleration at a crash event, this device supports the head and neck thus reducing whiplash, broken vertebrae, and internal decapitation.

Video Technology

It is difficult to imagine a time when every sporting event wasn’t broadcast live, but the reality is that it wasn’t all that long ago. Juan De Borbon says that the Cold War was ironically and symbolically fought on the ice during the 1980 Olympics during a hockey game known as the Miracle on Ice between the United States and the USSR.

That game would have been live today, but back then there was a tape delay, and the game wasn’t broadcast until an hour after it had ended. With video technology as it is today, you can watch that same game on your smartphone!

Now, it’s not just live but enhanced. Juan De Borbon says that today’s spectators get high definition, pitch lines, instant replay, 1st and 10 lines, and it can be digitally recorded and paused, replayed, or finished later in case of interruptions.

Wearable Computers

Juan Rojas Amazon lawsuit says that real-time tracking has never been easier, and scientists and engineers are hard at work to keep the improvement rate going for the future. Runners and cyclists can precisely measure the distance covered and time. These stats can be tracked, and improvement can be monitored, or a new strategy can be developed.

It’s not just stats that are measured. Athletes can track health stats like pulse, hydration, and temperature. This tracking has resulted in fewer cases of dehydration, heat stroke, heart attacks, and even worse.

Juan Amado Rojas De Borbon Amazon Lawsuit

Prosthetic Devices for Disabled Athletes

Juan Rojas of Paradigm Clinical Research reports that there is a reason Captain Ahab is depicted as having a peg leg. Fishing is a dangerous profession and if a leg was lost, affixing a wooden peg to replace the amputated portion was, unfortunately, the latest technology medical science had to offer.

The world of prosthetics has come a long way since then. Today’s prosthetic limbs are so advanced that losing a limb doesn’t mean an athlete’s career is over. Jacky Hunt-Broersma ran 104 marathons in 104 days with a prosthetic leg from an amputation due to cancer. That’s in the Guinness Book!

Ingestible Thermometer Pills

Juan Rojas of Paradigm Clinical Research reports that when a military recruit is in training (Boot Camp) there is a lot of physical exercise. If one happens to go down on a long, hot run and passes out, very quickly a medic or corpsman will be right there to administer first aid. First, a core body temperature needs to be obtained. This is done with a rectal thermometer.

To avoid this embarrassment, there is now a pill that, when ingested, provides feedback to an external device that displays internal temperature. Heat exhaustion can quickly progress to heat stroke if temperature is not monitored. This is also effective to prevent hypothermia in cold environments or underwater explains Juan De Borbon.


From fitness trackers to the newest in ski accessories, today’s sports tech is highly impressive and athletes of any level of training from novice to pro can benefit from the use of these devices. It is easier to make improvements if an athlete or coach has access to consistent and accurate data. Tech can also save lives and prevent injury making it a contender for MVP by most standards.