April 18, 2024
Geoffrey Gough

Ivory Towers Drag Queen Discusses Makeup Trends Heading into 2024

Welcome to the world of makeup and glamour with Ivory Towers. As a charismatic and talented drag queen, Ivory Towers is an expert in the art of makeup transformation and staying ahead of the latest beauty trends. In the following article, Ivory Towers will be sharing insider tips and tricks on how to achieve stunning makeup looks that are both fierce and on-trend.

Ten years ago, it was neon-orange lipstick, burgundy eyeshadow, or wearing no makeup at all.

Twenty years ago, it was pink blush, purple eyeshadow, bright eyeliner, and lots and lots of lip gloss.

Makeup trends come and go — and sometimes come back again — but something always stays the same. When forecasting makeup trends through 2023 and into 2024, it’s best to predict that many of the picks will be unpredictable.

The proof – a 173% increase in using so-called unicorn lip gloss characterized by muted and often sparkly pastels.

Ivory Towers Drag Queen on Summer Favs

With the popularity of TikTok and Instagram, makeup trends in the 2020s have been especially eclectic. The current hottest looks would have probably looked strange just a few years ago. Times change. So does makeup.

Ivory Towers Drag Queen in Daytona takes a look at some of the most popular makeup trends to consider this year and into the next.

Dramatic Color

For much of the 2000s, makeup fell on the brighter end of the spectrum. For the fall and winter, dramatic and bold colors are expected to be the norm. Think strikingly and romantically dark lipstick and eyeshadow. Earth-tone makeup has also made a comeback, allowing users to maintain an intense look while still looking down-to-earth and natural.

Ivory Towers Drag Queen in Daytona notes that dark-toned lips and eyes can also be found in makeup that is a throwback to 1990s makeup trends, such as dark-but-shimmery blue eyeshadow and brown lips. Rich and intense lip makeup in 2023 is a throwback to the 90s makeup trend of lips in dark brown tones and black cat eyes (yes, it’s back).


During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media posts promoting chromatherapy were everywhere. And this makeup trend isn’t going anywhere heading into 2024. Chromatherapy, uses color to bolster physical and mental health, is explored through vivid and bold tones, ultra-bright or neon colors, and shiny metallics. Sensient Beauty’s 2023 pick for color of the year, rich power berry, fits well in chromatherapy techniques.

Clean Color

Ivory Towers Drag Queen in Daytona says that for a very long time, makeup such as lipstick and eyeshadow used ingredients that harmed the Earth. Just adding color to makeup in production often introduces heavy metals into waterways.

That’s a big reason why many are embracing what’s now known as “clean color,” makeup products that are more environmentally friendly and primarily use natural colorants. Such makeup usually has a more natural look as well — beige, light browns, and more.

Personalized Colors

Modern technology has also influenced the makeup industry. In the never-ending quest for the perfect shade, technology is expected to facilitate the creation of personalized colors, such as pH-based color-changing makeup., Companies such as SHESPOKE and MAC are offering custom-made eyeshadow and lipstick that has just the right amount of gloss — or no gloss at all.

Geoffrey Gough
Spectrum Extremes

Ivory Towers Drag Queen says that while each year’s makeup trends run the gamut, in 2023 extremes reign supreme. That can mean either a minimalist look or a maximalist look and not much in between. On one hand, there is the trend of metallic pigments and on the other, there’s the multiple-year trend of lightweight and sheer foundations.

Blurred Blush

Just the fact that more people are seeking out blush is a trend unto itself; blush had waned in popularity during the past two decades. But the techniques used in 2023 differ from those of the previous 20 years. Instead, the trend is adding blurring formulas to creamy, natural textures for a highly blended, more natural look. Such blurring techniques have the added benefit of softening pores or helping them disappear.

Ivory Towers Drag Queen also notes that for skin, light coverage that translates into what’s known as soft-focus skin and a complexion that’s barely there. Many are also opting for skin tints or dewey serums instead or wearing no foundation at all. Also letting the skin breathe a bit are tinted serums, SPFs, and moisturizers that have the opposite effect of heavy matte foundations.

Grunge and Glam

Grunge and Glam are two words rarely used together, but many are opting for this hybrid approach that’s dark, edgy, and head-turning. There’s a lot to play with if one is considering this trend, including deep-colored lips, muted black eyeliner and glosses of dark brown are among the most popular, especially when paired with long, glamourous lashes and purple eyeshadow.