July 22, 2024

How to Get More Twitter Followers

The previous article gave an introduction on a critical conceptual shift required to start getting fans on Twitter by changing one’s mindset from one of a follower to that of a leader. This provides a foundation for long-term success but does not negate the need to employ

The strategies of getting more followers on Twitter


How to Get More Twitter Followers

It may be hard to believe, but some people asking how to get more followers on Twitter already have thousands (and sometimes millions) of those. Even accounts with the most followers on Twitter are trying to get more, and their reasons are largely the same as yours.

By the way, why are you trying to get more followers on Twitter?


Social media is a great place to grow in popularity, but the Internet is much larger than their sum total, which is why

Strong Online Presence Outside Social Media is Key to Gaining Followers

Let’s face it: before stumbling upon this page, you had no idea who Danil Rudoy was, and now you are getting there (you’ll get further by reading my Twitter account). Whether you like what I say here is up to you, but the Law of Large Numbers (as well as other statistics) are in my favor: the longer the run, the more people will meet my ideas, and some of their lives will be changed for the best. For me, getting followers (on Twitter or elsewhere) is not about selling my books, or becoming more desirable (and expensive) from an advertising perspective: it’s about that light bulb moment in their heads when they realize the truth. But, whatever your objective, you will be

Getting More Twitter Followers with an SEO-friendly website

Getting people to your Twitter page from a website has an important advantage over driving them with tweets. There is no way to optimize a tweet for long-term: the hashtags, the timing, the wording itself will remain relevant only for a brief moment before the tweet is buried under millions of similar ones. But an average SEO-friendly website drives more visitors with time because search engines trust your content more, especially when somebody links into it. So, unless we’re talking about top-100 viral tweets in history, each tweet you produce has a very limited lifespan of utility (thus the old adage of tweeting more).

Another key advantage is that a website gives more following options than a social media profile. What if somebody is not on Twitter but would love to sign up for your newsletter? Or she is a die-hard MySpace fan with thousands of friends there? Not to mention that it takes a lot of scrolling to consume the same amount of information from a news feed.


Search Engine Optimization, as well as Social Media organic optimization, is paramount to getting f


It is hard to underestimate the importance of an SEO-friendly website. Social media, albeit being great in many respects, is extremely limiting, both in its format and regulations. But a website is your personal space where you’re free to do whatever you want: what