June 20, 2024
David Mulhauser

David Mulhauser Discusses DIY Boat Enhancements for Maximum Comfort

David Mulhauser is an avid boater standing as a maestro of vessel enhancement, turning the ordinary into an extraordinary maritime experience. Embarking on the sea of DIY boat upgrades, his expertise becomes the guiding wind, propelling us toward a realm where comfort and functionality converge. In the following article, David Mulhauser unveils the art of elevating your vessel to new heights of maritime luxury and practicality.

No boat is perfect, and every great boat can still benefit from a few upgrades.

Simple upgrades not only add value to the vessel for seasons to come, but they also enhance comfort for those who ride it. Modifications don’t have to be complex or expensive – quick updates can be performed by any boat owner without spending too much.

In the United States alone, 100 million individuals go boating and spend $49.3 billion on boats, marine products, and services each year. About 11.9 percent of households own a recreational boat.

Below, David Mulhauser offers boat owners practical tips and ideas for DIY upgrades, ranging from interior modifications to tech enhancements, to make their boating experience even more enjoyable.

David Mulhauser Provides Quick Boat Upgrades

Cup Holders

Cup holders are as inexpensive as they are useful, and guests will certainly appreciate them. Most boats have cup holders, but they are usually few in number and far between. Pick up several of those models that can be peel-and-stick mounted or suction-cupped anywhere in seconds, and the first upgrade is done!

Trash Cans

Many boats don’t have integrated trash cans, that is why many boaters use loose garbage bags that flap and fly when the boat is in motion.

David Mulhauser says that there is a simple solution to this – get a portable marine trash can! These trash cans are particularly designed for boats and can easily be secured and removed from boat rails to empty at the end of each day.

Another option would be behind-the-cabinet-door trash cans which can be secured with an adhesive or mounted with screws wherever is convenient.

David Mulhauser
USB Charging Ports

One of the biggest problems of boaters is having their electronics run out of juice when they’re out on their boat. David Mulhauser explains that this means that they always have to bring bulky battery packs or run back to shore just to do some charging.

Solve the problem by installing USB charging ports on the boat. This not only increases the vessel’s onboard charging capabilities but boaters can also keep their gadgets all day long without having to worry about running out of battery.

Opt to install marine-grade USB ports that only require drilling a small hole and connecting simple positive and negative power feeds from the boat’s 12-volt system.

Wifi Extender

Most boaters go out on the water to get away from reality, including technology and the internet. However, David Mulhauser explains that there are instances when having a stable wifi connection on the boat is useful, having guests included.

Whether one will use the Internet to coordinate pick-up times with guests, send emails, share photos, or call for assistance during emergencies, boaters can easily install Marine WiFi extenders on their vessels. This device will amplify available cell signals to a phone, tablet, or laptop, allowing boaters to stay connected to the Internet from just about anywhere.

Underwater Boat Lights

David Mulhauser highlights that not only will underwater LED lights add a unique touch to the boat, but it can also provide useful lighting when driving or docking the boat in the dark. These LED lights are available in various colors, designs, and configurations and only require basic wiring knowledge and minimal drilling to be installed.

Weekend Projects

David Mulhauser


A quality bimini top adds proper shade to a boat during hot summer months and protection from light rain. Its open canopy design provides good shade while adding an aesthetic look to the vessel.

David Mulhauser says that most models can also be easily raised and lowered, depending on the weather or the boater’s preference.

Carpet Replacement

Yes, even the boat’s carpet needs replacement and an upgrade as it is one of the first things that visitors notice when boarding a boat. After months or years of dirty footsteps, sun exposure, and accidental spills, sometimes cleaning and scrubbing won’t suffice, so boat owners should take the time to replace the carpet.

One can utilize DIY kits, snap-in carpet templates, or manufacturer replacements to make the project easier.

David Mulhauser explains that boat owners don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a boat that provides comfort like no other – a few simple and inexpensive upgrades will instantly add value to the vessel and solve the most common problems.