April 18, 2024
Ben Shapiro Twitter Game

Ben Shapiro Twitter Rules – Feud is the Best Strategy

Ben Shapiro Twitter Rules

It’s no surprise that people like Elon Musk become Twitter celebrities. But the paradox of social media is such that they can make a celebrity out of nobody. For instance, we may have reached a point where Ben Shapiro is now most famous for his influence on Twitter than his real job. Shapiro is a political commentator and founder of the Daily Wire. He is also a lawyer, but that seems to be one of his lesser roles these days. Instead, we can typically find him riling up liberals, politicians and anyone else that is fair game.

Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that Ben Shapiro is a divisive character. Which is the main point. Ben Shapiro wants to shake Twitter and see what falls out. He knows that there is a good chance that it might be an angry hornet’s nest full of liberals that oppose his views. But, that seems to be what he wants. It seems as though he will target anyone if he feels that it will get people talking.

Ben Shapiro Twitter gives an opinion on everything – and you might not like it

There seems to be no limit on the topics of conversation and debate on Twitter. Race is a common one. There are definitely some deep resentments there towards anyone that isn’t white. Then there are the transphobic and misogynistic views. One tweet with a wide reach regarded an explanation of a new abortion law to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In one tweet he was ale to support the new law, tilt it with his political bias and twist Ocasio-Cortez’s words to make her look insensitive and ill-informed. It shows the craft and skill that goes into the words – whether you appreciate the sentiment and impact or not. Vox created a brilliant concise list of his “highlights” if you want to learn more about his opinions.

One of the biggest questions that comes from reading Ben Shapiro Twitter is whether he actually believes half the stuff he says. For example, does he really not understand the issues of late periods and the 6-week abortion law? Or, is he pretending so that he can get attention? It is hard to tell. On the one hand, he seems smart enough to use that sort of tactic considering his other Twitter feuds. On the other hand, he does seem to have that level of white male privilege that leads to deliberate ignorance of anyone else’s experiences. If he does believe them then we have a man that will spout a lot of bigoted and misogynistic viewpoints at anyone that will listen – all while he boldly insists that we ignore the facts and views of others. If he doesn’t, he is simply one of the biggest and most influential trolls on Twitter.

Shapiro is part of a wider army of divisive and influential Twitter trolls

It isn’t uncommon to find people with conservative and right-wing views deliberately trolling those they deem to be liberal snowflakes. They get a kick out of it to see people rush to defend their views and hopefully justify some of their ideas at the same time. For a while, Britain had a similar problem with a woman called Katie Hopkins. She is a failed reality TV star turned right-wing advocate that loves to invoke hatred and cause trouble. She was, eventually, banned by Twitter. But, she was able to inflict a lot of damage beforehand because of her influence.

That is where figures like her and Shapiro are so dangerous. It isn’t just the words that come from their own keyboards and phones. It is also the retweets and endorsements from other people. When President Trump starts retweeting videos in support of your views, you have transcended your platform to something much higher. It has also been noted that Shapiro’s twitter feed was one often visited by the Quebec City Mosque shooter – 93 times in the month leading up to the attack. Domestic terrorists encouraged by the racist rhetoric of politicians and Trump supporters will grab hold of those words and take them to someone else’s grave.

Ben Shapiro will have a Twitter feud with anyone – and that might be his greatest strength

The majority of Ben Shapiro Twitter influence comes from the many followers that weigh-in and retweet during one of his many feuds. This is where Shapiro shows his tenacity on Twitter. He will keep going at his targets – whoever they are – to try and win his argument. One of the interesting things about these feuds is that the targets aren’t always who you would expect. You might expect this conservative commentator to only go after those on the opposite side of the political spectrum. However, one of his most famous feuds of recent times was against Alex Jones. There is also the incident with Rosie O’Donnell.

This decision to be bipartisan in his attacks is clever, to a point. It makes it less about the politics and more about the views of the man himself. He can’t be held accountable as a spokesperson for a regime or a party if everything is unfiltered personal views.

Ben Shapiro isn’t ashamed to play the victim

Then there is the way that he can turn the biggest controversial moments into something where he can be the bigger man. For example, in 2018, the actor Mark Duplass recommended that people follow Shapiro in an attempt at bridging a gap on social media to listen to other voices and opinions. He retracted the idea after criticism and further research into Shapiro’s views. Shapiro then set himself up as the victim of the whole affair because of the response on Twitter.

What this all means is that there are enough light and shade in Ben Shapiro Twitter performances to keep him in the spotight. As long as he remains indiscriminate in his attacks – which essentially means attacking anyone and everyone – he will get away with it for longer. You may not like anything that he says, or you may support his honesty. It all depends on your own political views. Either way, you can’t deny that Ben Shapiro Twitter has many wrapped around his little finger and will continue doing so for a while.

by D E Bradley